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Management Consultants Near Me: Discovering Richard Keenlyside

Image of Richard Keenlyside

When it comes to business consultancy, expertise, and transformation, one name stands out in the North East of England: Richard Keenlyside. With over three decades of experience in various sectors, Richard has established himself as a leading authority in the field of management consultancy.

A Glimpse into Richard Keenlyside's Expertise

Richard Keenlyside, based in Yarm, North Yorkshire, is an accomplished Tech & Business StartUp Advisor, CIO, Programme & Transformation Director. His expertise spans across a multitude of sectors, including professional services, retail, manufacturing, logistics, facilities management, transport, and financial services.

Throughout his career, Richard has held numerous senior management and director positions. Notably, he served as the IT Director/CIO at J Sainsburys PLC, LoneStar Group and Endava CIO Advisory, showcasing his ability to lead in high-pressure, fast-paced environments.

Richard Keenlyside: A Transformation Leader

Richard's extensive experience goes beyond traditional management consultancy. As a transformational leader, he has led global teams of over 300 personnel and managed budgets exceeding £120M. His work has driven several transformation programmes across all business domains for major global companies, showcasing his ability to navigate complex business landscapes and deliver results.

Moreover, Richard's role as a digital innovator is evident in his work with over 80 start-up businesses in the past eight years. His expertise in Azure, AWS, Agile, AI & ML, IT Strategy Development, and Business Strategy Development has helped these start-ups optimise their processes, cut costs, and save money, further solidifying his reputation as a leading management consultant.

Richard Keenlyside's Advisory Roles

Richard Keenlyside is not just a management consultant but also an advisor. He is open to CIO, Programme, Transformation, ERP, CIO/CTO advisory, Strategy advisory, and PE/MA due diligence roles. Currently, he serves as a (NED) CIO/IT & Strategy Director at M.I. DICKSON LIMITED, a testament to his diverse skill set and adaptability.

Richard Keenlyside's Skills and Experience

Richard's skills and experience are vast and varied. From Data Management, Governance & Privacy Strategy to Business & IT Strategy Development, Richard's capabilities span across several key business areas. His experience in sectors such as retail, automotive, engineering, manufacturing, utilities, and supply chain & logistics further enriches his consultancy and advisory services.

Contacting Richard Keenlyside

For those seeking a business consultant near them, Richard Keenlyside is a viable and effective choice. He can be reached via his email at or through his LinkedIn profile. His comprehensive CV and career history can be accessed on his website, providing a more in-depth look into his qualifications, skills, and experience.


In the realm of management consultancy, few can match the expertise and experience of Richard Keenlyside. Whether it's business transformation, IT strategy development, or start-up advisory, Richard's wide-ranging skills make him an invaluable asset for businesses in the North East of England and beyond.

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