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Richard Keenlyside Takes on Advisory Role for Tech Start-Up Quollify

Updated: Feb 8

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In the dynamic world of tech start-ups, the name Richard Keenlyside has become synonymous with strategic innovation and business acumen. Keenlyside's latest venture sees him taking on an advisory role at Quollify, a promising new tech start-up.

A New Chapter in Tech Start-Up Innovation

Richard Keenlyside, known for his sterling track record in the tech industry, has recently taken on an advisory role at Quollify. With his wealth of experience and proven expertise, Keenlyside's involvement is expected to catapult Quollify to new heights in the tech start-up industry.

Quollify: The Next Big Thing in Tech Start-Ups

Quollify is a tech start-up which manages human capital with the use of AI and ML; this is to become a game changer, that's been making waves in the industry with its innovative approach to technology solutions. With the addition of Richard Keenlyside to their advisory board, Quollify is poised to become a game-changer in the tech start-up landscape.

Quollify in the News
Quollify in the News

Richard Keenlyside: A Proven Leader in Tech Innovation

Keenlyside's illustrious career in the tech industry speaks volumes about his ability to drive innovation and growth. His advisory role at Quollify is expected to bring a new level of strategic direction and business insight to the start-up.

The Future of Tech Start-Ups with Quollify and Richard Keenlyside

With Richard Keenlyside's advisory role at Quollify, the future of tech start-ups appears brighter than ever. Keenlyside's strategic guidance, coupled with Quollify's innovative approach, is set to redefine the tech start-up industry.


  • Who is Richard Keenlyside? Richard Keenlyside is a renowned figure in the tech industry, known for his strategic innovation and business acumen.

  • What is Quollify? Quollify is a promising new tech start-up that offers innovative technology solutions; you can find out more at

  • What role has Richard Keenlyside taken on at Quollify? Richard Keenlyside has taken on a Strategy & IT advisory role at Quollify.

  • How will Richard Keenlyside's involvement benefit Quollify? With his wealth of experience and proven expertise, Keenlyside's involvement is expected to drive innovation and growth at Quollify.

  • What does the future hold for tech start-ups like Quollify? With strategic guidance from industry leaders like Richard Keenlyside, tech start-ups like Quollify are set to redefine the tech industry.

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